Selasa, 14 Agustus 2012

Cara Google agar Situs Lebih Cepat Diakses

Google has introduced some reforms in their PageSpeed ​​service. This update is expected to increase the speed of the user to access web content.

PageSpeed ​​actually been available since 2011. However, as stated by the official Google blog Developers, there are some updates on the service.

This update is known as the Visible Content Cache and prioritize. In essence, the service now provides the ability to determine which parts of web pages to be cached and which not.

The next is the ability to prioritizing content which will appear soon. For example, the content "above the fold" will emerge more quickly than under it.

The content is meant by "above the fold" is the content that appears on the user's browser window without scrolling. Generally, this is the top item.

The third thing is the delay underlined Javascript. Through services such PageSpeed​​, Javascript execution will be delayed so as not to impede the appearance of the content.

PageSpeed ​​service so far is still a trial version. In addition to the above new capabilities, the service also distributes a variety of web content to Google servers in the world. As a result, in theory, users can access a site that uses these services more quickly.

Interested to try it? Google opened a limited invitation can be requested by filling out the online form below.

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